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Recommended Courses
ABLPG Policy No. 4

The Alabama Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists recognizes that a core of required geology courses common to curricula in most degree-granting geology departments is essential to the training of geologists.

The following or equivalent courses in geology are deemed mandatory for licensure:

  • Physical Geology 4 semester hours or equivalent
  • Historical Geology 4 semester hours
  • Mineralogy 4 semester hours
  • Structural Geology 3 semester hours
  • Stratigraphy 3 semester hour
  • Field Geology 6 semester hours

Some curricula may reflect regional differences or require other similar or additional courses. Courses may be presented with slightly different or variations in name. It is the scientific content that is important.

The following courses are also desirable:

  • Applied Geophysics Economic Geology
  • Environmental/Engineering Geology
  • Geomorphology
  • Groundwater Hydrology, Hydrology, or Hydrogeochemistry
  • Invertebrate Paleontology
  • Petroleum Geology Petrology, Petrography, or Sedimentary Petrology
  • Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
  • Optical Mineralogy
  • Sedimentology
  • Other geologically-related courses may be considered by the Board.

In no case will course work which is not specifically focused toward the geological sciences be considered toward meeting the basic education requirements.

Approved: October 29, 1997
Revised- November 18, 1997